Friday, March 25, 2011

I’m a teetotaler

In April this year I'll be entering my fifth year without liquor - not even a pin-drop of it. It was during Zhabdrung Kuchoe, April, 2007 that I decided to quit by taking vow at the Goenkhang of Lhuendruptse. 

Today when I reflect upon my past, I couldn't help myself jotting down these few lines. I hope my visitors would enjoy going through it. 
Right from childhood
To the mid of manhood.
When without wife,
Alcohol was my life.
Even with wife
It tried to be my life.
Quarrel got picked
Crockery got kicked.
There were brawls
and then growls.
It gave pains
And not much gains.
So was my life
Full of strife.
So I stopped,
Before it had me stopped.


  1. nice one,,,,,,its with wife, you got another life, alcohol donot hv place, in the beautiful space of your life...:)

  2. Thank you. Its not that I wanted to, but because my health was deteriorating and on top of these I've seen it take away precious lives of some of my co-workers and colleagues. And its just that I wanted to stay little longer and not get myself fooled by this. I was in fact heavy drinker, who knew no limits and I give it a treatment that it deserves - by keeping it out completely for a while.