Thursday, April 14, 2011

God's Will, Our Plights: the thin and the fat

“Aow…I’ve developed partial pressure now,” Dorji a co-worker enters the office.

“I walk every morning and still my weight never seems to shed. Oofs!” settles Dorji in his chair in complete dejection.

He raised his eyes from behind his computer and stared at Dorji as if to say something. He did not speak. Instead he wondered with a slight grin on his face, “Why this fat people are always talking about shedding their weights.” He was increasingly getting frustrated to hear all these weight loss programmes and talks. He saw some of his friends even opt smoking to lean themselves. Some tried out drinking while quite a few went for Doma. All of them did these for a single cause – to reduce extra pounds they had with them. He feels like laughing because he knew that around ninety percent of such efforts have failed. 

“Don’t laugh. You got to be careful,” he doesn’t want to laugh on the face of his friend Dorji. He goes on counting his friends who shared similar burden instead.

“My roommate Tshering would smoke heavily while in the college. He is still like before except for additional lines of ageing on his face. Another friend a pretty young lady went on smoking to reduce her waistline. She did manage but the last time I saw her, she looked weak and skinny and still smoked. She lost her beauty in trying to reduce her waistline a bit.” And the list went on with those of his friends that opted liquor and doma. 

Suddenly he remembers that Dorji is in conversation with him, “You’ve a pressure!” he responded in a surprised tone, “Man, you better take care” and then he stopped.

But Dorji went on explaining about his pressure while his friend pretended to listen with his eyes focused on the computer screen and reading something else. He nods in between, to show that he is attentive to Dorji’s lecture on pressure.  

“This world is really mad and something is grievously wrong here,” he thought as he slowly turned towards Dorji. 

“These people are talking about losing their weights all the time. They do not see, there are people who wish to put on some flesh over their bones,” he lets his mind talk as his own griefs welled up gradually. 

He has been least bothered over this matter. He did not realize that the talk he is involved in right now was sensitive particularly among young girls and mid level Aums. He once complimented one of his women friends, “Hi, you have put on some weight.” She responded with just “Hi” as her cheeks turned red like an apple probably with dislikes over his comment.

There were people least sensitive like him too. He once teased a woman, an unmarried shopkeeper near his office, “Wai, two of us together would make a nice couple,” and extended his right arm over her shoulder. She retorted abruptly, “Zo tamey Abu ra kamjo bay” and continued, “If given a chance you wouldn’t be able to perform, Marey.” He stood there not knowing how to respond, but a thought ran over his mind, “May be she doesn’t understand that it’s my frontal part and not the posterior that does this job,” and left the scene.

He has his own plight too, that’s no different from those of fat people. Every time he buys a new gho for himself, he always ensured that it is stitched slightly larger with a hope to put on some weight. But this miracle never happened to him. Instead he landed up wearing larger ghos all the time giving him even more skinny looks. He doesn’t give up still. He tries fatty diets for the want of an extra pound. In fact, he tries out all the opposites of a fat people and the outcome is just the same – “Skinny Him”.

Knowing that, at times one cannot go against the Will of the God he suggests his friend Dorji in a low and polite tone, “Dorji, you see I’m thin and I wish to put on weight. I tried all the measures now and I’ve not succeeded. On the other hand, you want to lose weight. I’ve come across many friends like you and many of them did not succeed too.” Dorji nodded. “Actually this is how the God wanted us to look like and if that’s God’s Will there’s nothing we can do to it.” “Yeah, very true indeed,” Dorji responded still depressed. 

“Okay, then let’s not worry about your pressure or my larger ghos going waste.”

 “Our worries only accumulate further problems,” Dorji thus concluded and they started with their day’s work.

That day, towards evening I went to the bathroom to ease myself. I happened to glance over a mirror there, while washing my hands. My goodness, he was there staring at me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. "So my friend, it's God's Will and our plight," I slammed the toilet door as I went out.

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