Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome Spring

A watercolor painting of a Peach Flower (Close-up study). As Thimphu got adorned with these beautiful flowers I could not resist my strong desire to have them in my collections. So I painted this. Hope you would enjoy the same, like I do.

This is Dochula. I tried this painting from one of my photographs and added a fully bloomed cherry tree in front of this beautiful monument. My idea was to make it look even more beautiful with the rays of sun spreading from the branches and flowers of the cherry tree. But it did not happen. This is what happens, when our skills do not match our ideas. On the whole it came out nice. I'm happy with that.


  1. you are so good with painting....i think i should oneday approach you if any for the interior of my house,,;),,,and of course..i may ask you to make photographs for my blog post,,:)

  2. Thank you. Yeah sure, why not? I'll give it a try at least.