Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Midnight phone calls

Do you get any phone calls at midnight? Well I did get couple of times. That also in the middle of the night. I never fancied anyone's girl/women, or, I never had any extra-marital affairs, or, I do not remember to have made enemies in my life. But someone called me several times in the middle of the night about few months back. Every time when I received it, line was cut off immediately. These calls have given me this idea to write a ghost story...

...and this is just the beginning! 

“Deki…Deki! Can you hold this table for me,” Karjey climbed on it to fix the portrait of His Majesty the King on the wall of their large spacious living room in one of the apartments that they hired recently in Thimphu. That was the last thing left to declare them settled that evening. 

Karjey got down the table and diligently pushed it to one corner of the room saying, “Here we shall have our 32 inch Flat TV very soon.” Deki, his wife shyly giggled, “Very soon! It’s easier said than done.”   

Karjey stood staring at the portrait for a long time in akimbo, with his right hand still holding the hammer. He finally sighed, “Hmm…It looks perfect with HM’s portrait in the middle.” But Deki felt incompleteness of the room setting and blurted out, “Either this room is too large or our furnishings are inadequate.” “Cool darling. We’ll have them done, but slowly,” he assured his wife.

Karjey stood by the side of a window staring outside. Deki got in the kitchen to prepare their dinner. From the attic of a five storey building he could see the street lights gradually become more prominent as the darkness of the evening took over last of the day’s twilights. With darkness came silence as people slowly retired to their homes. While still watching over the window, his mind kept busy prioritizing things for their room. He thought, “Half my salary would be spent on house rent and utility bills. With her salary from coming month, hmm… we need a sofa set urgently…” Just then, “Karjey, dinner is done, are we having it now? Or wait for some time,” shouted Deki from their kitchen. “Yeah!” he looked at his watch, “It’s already 7:30 I think we should do that,” and went to the kitchen to help her out.

This whole afternoon, young couple had been very busy cleaning and arranging their new home. They were both tired and right after dinner sleep dragged them to their newly furnished bedroom. Their attic home stood aloof, that allowed absolute silence at night. With doors and windows closed, the couple soon lost into their heavy snores.

In the middle of the night, a sudden jerk on the left shoulder takes away Karjey’s sleep.
“What’s the matter Deki?” he asked as he cleared his eyes. There was no reply; instead wheezes from her deep sleep filled the dark room that let him wander, “What the hell was that?” and extended his hands around, to feel if anything stood nearby. As his hands desperately sought in the darkness, a gush of wind hit so loud on his window, almost trembling the whole building.  He was beginning to feel the loneliness within him.
“Shall I wake up Deki” he thought, “but her sleep… no, let me not do that.” He did not want to let this mysterious night take away her sleep too.

He watched towards the window when, “Tring…tring” his mobile rang from the side table, throwing up flashes of light simultaneously. This brought him a moment of relief as he got someone online to talk to, at this difficult hour and picked up his mobile from the corner. He checked the number. “Tring…tring” to his dismay a “No Number” flashed again and again with its ring. 

“Could be one of my friends only,” he thought and received it.

“Hello!” and there was dead silence.

“Hello! Who is this?” he tried again, but there was no answer. He thought, maybe some crazy friends must be trying out their dirty pranks on him. He placed his mobile back on the table and lied down to get his sleep.

He was about to doze off when the phone rang again, “Tring…tring” from that corner of the room. It’s again “No Number”. This time he received it in a harsh annoyed tone, “Hello! Talk to me or I’ll cut you off.”

His right ear followed a faint hissing sound at the other end this time.  But then “Auu…ooooooo!” dogs outside his building howled one after another rendering him difficulty to clearly make out the noise. This sent a chill all over his body and he could feel each and every hair on his body straighten up. 

At the other end, he could hear sudden screeching of the tyres of a car and then rammed against something followed by familiar screams of a woman that faded away gradually as the phone went dead. 

“Hmm…this is strange,” he said to himself. He switched off his phone and threw it to the corner angrily. Next thing he could do was stay closer to his wife and try to get back to sleep. Slowly he slid back with Deki and holding her by her waist he finally fell asleep. 

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction. Resemblance of names of characters and the context of the story to any individual living or dead should be considered mere coincidental.

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