Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some of my old artworks

Browsing through my shelves, I came across some of my old artworks. All these years my wife had been kind enough to keep it safe. Today, as I look at it, it has it's own story to tell. I hope my visitors would enjoy it.

Tadzong of Trongsa painted in 1998 (a decade ago). As a member of Sherubtse Art Club, I must have been learning to use watercolor. Looking at it after almost a decade, it still appears beautiful and it keeps me encouraging to push further.

Gasa Dzong, also one of my watercolor works from college days. I've never been to Gasa, but it's majestic grandeur kept me captivating.This is why I tried out a painting of it from one of those photographs available those days.

This bird, probably I may have painted from one of the books while at Sherubtse College. I was then a member of Sherubtse Nature Club (Singye Karm) and later served as Secretary to that Club. Bird watching used to be one of the main activities of the club then.

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