Monday, June 13, 2011

Portrait of my brother

Portrait of my brother done using wash technique(water colour). This was done some years ago. He has been instrumental in shaping our (younger siblings) lives. We owe him so much. He deserves all our thanks and gratitude for his love and affection showered upon us.

Series of letters sent to me while you were at Colleges have definitely inspired me to pursue my degree too, and today I've a certificate that earns me my bread and butter. I value your advises for they always help me rejuvenate. You are one of my role models. Thank you, Acho.


  1. Well, this is lovely. As always. And yeah I would love to have a portrait done by you. That would be great honor for me. How much do I pay if you do me one? But nice work, really. Keep it up!

  2. A very nice way to express gratitude. He must be proud of you too.
    By the way, you need to update little too often, I am hungry for more art...

  3. @Penstar, I'm still not confident to do portraits and may be that's why I do not even have a nice self-portrait yet. But I keep trying and am happy to see improvements. Yeah, why don't you send me one of your best pictures, let me give it a try. Regarding charges, sorry to say that I've not gone commercial yet..hehe.

    @PaSsu, thank you as always for your encouraging comments. I shall try to post my arts occasionally although my interests keep fluctuating.

  4. Nice one as always. I can see lots of improvement.

    I also wish to have a portrait done by you. Mine will be simple unlike Penstar. You just need a black paint and strike the brush randomly without needing lights and concentration. :)

  5. You got a talent in your hand and mind. So keep it up.