Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank You Doctor

I had a mole on my nose - large enough, that my own eyes could see it. I had it since my childhood days and it’s a kind of my birth mark too. I remember it was small when I was young, but with my growth it also started to expand almost deforming my otherwise a beautiful nose.

People say, moles are normally associated with good luck and my mother would never budge herself from this contention. But my mole had me more bad lucks than good lucks. I’m sure most of my friends, bosses, peers and subordinates would have had their own versions of my personality printed in their minds, although only few people dared to speak to me upfront. Some (particularly strangers) must have surely taken it for a housefly at their first sight. During my youthful age, some girls might have even turned away depressed after seeing this awful mark on my nose. Or they might have never cared about it at all, but this was how I used to feel – a constant depression and hopelessness. Amidst all these negative thoughts, there was one person who liked my mole – he was then the Assistant Principal of Sherubtse College. He said, “You’ve a beautiful mole on the nose.” This did not impress me for I knew what he actually meant.

I always wanted to have it removed, but how? While in high school, I cut it off myself once. It appeared again after few weeks – too short a time to win the heart of a girl. When it appeared, it had grown a bit larger. Then in 2005, one of my coworkers presented me with few drops of pungent fluid. It could have been any dilute acid. I applied it over my mole as instructed by him. I tried it on other smaller moles too. It did manage to dry up those smaller ones that ultimately peeled off without any traces. But the one on my nose, when it peeled off it only gave rise to a larger one from within. It has grown to the extent of distracting my vision. But for babies, this had been a thing of amusement for them. My first baby scratched it several times and then came my second who also targeted it whenever I held her. With every scratch, it was only gaining its mass and prominence. If this continued, the time wouldn’t have been very far when one day even my wife would have abandoned me. This is how small things matters in our lives sometimes.

All my attempts failed. I knew it required a doctor’s hand, but I was hesitant to approach one because doctors wouldn’t have time for such cosmetic surgery. All these years I buried my woes until recently when women colleagues of my office talked about laser techniques. Three of them had their moles clean shaved with laser techniques and looked much prettier. Hmm…I would love to wear different appearance too. So I went to the dermatologist and requested similar spell on my nose too. The dermatologist straight away directed me to a surgeon saying that it required biopsy. I thought may be laser technology is meant for women only.

At surgeon’s chamber, there were around thirty people lined up – all with some other severe ailments. I was increasingly feeling uneasy in between. When I finally approached surgeon, I was told that it required plastic surgery which is beyond the scope of the facilities we have here in the JDWNRH. I was then referred to ENT since it concerned my nose. I felt like a ball being pushed from one doctor to another. For all these unsuccessful encounters, I only blamed my mole, which I always did even before. At this stage, I nearly gave up this idea. I thought, “I’ve been carrying this for more than half my life and why have I gone mad over it today?” But I’ve initiated this process, so must I find a solution. So I approached ENT specialist and expressed my problems. The coin of my luck suddenly turned when ENT specialist readily accepted to undertake minor surgical procedures.

On Friday, 15th July, 2011 I was in the OT. The ENT specialist removed my woes involving simple surgical procedures. It took about ten minutes. The shape of my nose was restored. It no longer distracts my vision. He is my God. It would leave behind a small scar, but I prefer to wear a scar than have a permanent housefly on my nose.

Thank you Doctor! I feel much relieved and better now. With this, I cannot say if my luck would improve but I see my confidence level rise. At this age I do not wish to attract heart of any woman or anyone, but I hope maybe I could enjoy pleasant meetings and conversations with my friends and colleagues, bosses and subordinates and not bother strangers of any houseflies on my face.

My mother must be disheartened to know about it but this is about my life.