Tuesday, July 5, 2011


“…and in the second place, we have Thubten,” announced our class teacher on December 18, 1989. The atmosphere of school football ground was filled with continuous applause from teachers and students. 
Timid and shy, I rose from the line and slowly cleared my gho from any dusts it might have collected from the ground and walked up carefully to the front. 

“You’ve done well this time. Tashi Delek,” said my teacher as he handed me my mark sheet and a bundle of books as the prize. I received them and returned to my seat. On my way, one of my class-mates murmured, “Holding positions isn’t a big deal, particularly after reading in the same class for last three years.” My classmate Ugyen envied my achievement. I could sense he probably flunked that year. 

“Yes, there was nothing to feel great about it,” I was beginning to feel as traces of pride bubbled up within me. It served a good dosage to suppress my pride, which otherwise would have further stimulated envy among other friends too. 

“Second position in three years!  It’s not a great achievement,” I further pressed it down.

Yeah! Three years in class five had been one of the rarest things that have ever happened in my life. In three years, I was able to remember some of my favorite chapters from top to bottom with meticulous flow; draw maps of seven continents without any reference and pin-point names of countries, bays, and mountains on it; and, remember some of the mathematical questions along with solutions. I could even remember page numbers of some of the chapters. 

My friend Ugyen was right; flipping the pages of same books for three years would have even topped the class. I couldn’t do that. But these three years in the same class had been crucial for my educational path. My actual learning began from there for I never missed positions thereafter until class ten. 

But, why three years? There are reasons…

                             Year One: Lured by the prize money loses focus on studies
                             Year Two: False Accusation compels change of school
                             Year Three: Fear of Marriage Proposal puts me back to school

"This may sound unusual, but all these happened to me and I see no reason why I shouldn't let others know about my personal saga of my childhood days. If you enjoy, I shall unfold it gradually, provided my laziness do not sway me midway..."
Triple Five continued


  1. This is an interesting post la. Quite a similar experience as mine. But my three years have a different reason. My three years was in class two, haha. such things happens in life. I shall share on my blog one day. Nice read la.

  2. :)) i flunked too.......:D...failing taught me an urge to move on, and it brought out a better in me....m HAPII dat i FAILED at 1 point..

  3. Thank you Leo and pa_my for visiting my workshop.
    @Leo...pl do post yours too so that I'm not singled out. From your comment I've learnt that it's no longer an unusual thing then. Thanks once again.
    @ pa_my...yeah very true, failures only make us stronger for life has to go on and on. Thanks.