Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laughter isn't always a best medicine

On Tuesday, the 2nd August, 2011 I underwent Laparoscopic cholecystectomy - a surgical procedure in which the gallbladder is removed by laparoscopic techniques. It is supposed to be minimally invasive surgery with small incisions but it is not without pains. My wounds require few more days to heal, so I was taking rest at home. I was recovering well. Lying on the bed in supine position for long hours had been quite tiresome and boring. Fortunately, yesterday was Saturday and there was popular Druk Super Star programme going on from 2:00 pm. 

This is one of my favourite programmes on BBSC Television. I've learnt to appreciate Mr. Kencho Wangdi's management skills ever since his Druk Star programme last year. The way he puts up the show; the way he pulls in business advertisements; the way he grooms young talents; and the way he manages his team are some areas of inspiration for me. Thank you for bringing up this great show. 

As an ardent fan of this show, I've also picked up few competitors as my favourites. Ulap Leki for his multi-talented nature for sure is at the top of my list. This man knows what is best for him. All through out this competition he maintained his pace intelligently - the choice of songs he presented were at his best; his answers to judges were widely appreciated; and, the jokes he cracked were pleasing and refreshing. I believe, most people admire him for his wit and humour. 

As always, I enjoy his jokes. Yesterday, when his turn came to act as an anchor, his actions had me burst into a huge laughter. I almost forgot that I've few abdominal sutures to take care of. Once it starts, laughter only picks up its height uncontrollably. My left hand was helplessly holding my abdomen when suddenly my breath stopped, face turned red, and veins impregnated with blood gained its prominence over my neck and forehead. And then a huge abdominal pain followed which lasted until when my wife shut down this TV show upon my indication. After that, I had to take extra dosage of painkillers for the day and my daughter missed her friend's birthday party. And that was the time I realized, "Laughter isn't always a best medicine," particularly for people with abdominal sutures and injuries like me.

That day, I could not vote for Ulap Leki. I did not want to pay him for the immense pain that he has given me, but I silently prayed for his progression to the "Top Five" spot. Yes! he is through, and my choice for "Druk Super Star 2011" is him. All the best! But for your jokes I'll get back to it later. For now my abdomen needs my attention more than anything else.


  1. ha ha ha, What an interesting storyline... so he didn't get your vote then? ha ha ha, by the way, I am sorry to know about your condition. Please refrain from watching Ulap Leki on TV until you recover, and I wish fast recovery so that you are ready to laugh by next show...