Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 2011 Sketches

My niece 
Yenten Tshomo...my sister in-law
Nawang after finishing touch

My wife

My nephew Ngawang

My best friend and wife...awaits my final touches

Sketch of my friend. She saw my art work on facebook and wanted me to do one for her. She sent me two photo references and I chose this. Tried out photo realistic sketch and it came out nice although it still lacks perspective and expressions. With practice and time will I gain over these two important aspects of the art?

Once a DLGian

Friday, December 16, 2011

Long Live our Kings

Since tomorrow, the 17th December, 2011 marks a big day for us as citizens of Bhutan I could not think of anything else then to pay a tribute to our forefathers and our Kings, under whose guidance and dynamic leadership we have continued to enjoy peace and prosperity. A short poem (I don't know if it would qualify) below is therefore my way of joining rest of my fellowmen to mark this day.

Long Live our Kings

Behold there!
The flutters of saffron
In the turquoise sky, that adorn.
Installed by our forefathers –
To withstand all weathers
An icon of unity –
Rendering continued peace and prosperity.
Since five score and four years ago,
When Dharmic torch was handed down,
Our able and dynamic Monarchs firmly held it so;
With glory and renown,
The light of unprecedented peace and harmony ever glow;
Long live our Kings, under whose feet I pledge to remain
A humble subject, and with loyalty and dedication I bow.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

She has to learn anyhow

As I stooped down to untie my shoe lace, “Apa…Apa, tha godcho ley,” (Father look here in Sharchop language) Dechog, my elder daughter blocked my sight placing a piece of paper with scribbles on it. I didn’t care. I removed my shoes and carefully placed them in our newly bought shoe rack. My daughter disappeared in a moment.

Usually after the monotonous office hours, nothing interests me than a quiet and peaceful rest for a while. I took over a corner, picked up the remote control and browsed through TV programs. Except for those regular Hindi serials there weren’t any interesting programs to watch.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some more sketches from my old collection

This is new...still working on it.

From my 2009 works

Taktshang from my 2009 works

Tried out charcoal...from my 2009 works

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Kukpa in me

“Every word you utter is as sharp as a double edged sword,” remarked one of my friends some years ago. I also remember, my wife once telling me that I become rude and rogue when drunk. I was least bothered then, partly because frequent alcoholic intoxications left no room for my mind to reflect upon it.

When I was a teenager, I remember my uncle shouting at me “Wai Kukpa (dumb)! Don’t you have a reply?” and then he’d clarify to other person, “Unlike his brother, he doesn’t speak much.” My mother would often worry how I would be able to get along with my life being a talk-less type. And whenever, I hear people say “Kukpa” to me, I would politely say in my mind, “I’ll when I’m required to speak.” Repeatedly hearing this word has only muted me further and I wouldn’t dare to utter a word be it in family gatherings or any other social gatherings. But then, being a silent boy I was loved and admired by my teachers and friends during my youthful days. I could feel their trust and confidence in me although at times some must have even taken me for a reserved kind of person. When few words came out from my mouth, it was always served politely. I used to fall under goodies list of most of my teachers then. My teachers wouldn’t believe even if someone reported badly against me. That was me those days.