Monday, March 12, 2012

My love story

Honestly, I did not know anything about love until I found a woman of my choice.

I made myself clear to my parents from the very beginning that I’ll find my life partner myself. It was a bold proclamation that I ever made when in some parts of the world parents still take a lead role in such matrimonial issues, even today. But this does not mean being disobedient or having no respects to my parents. Given the chance, I know my parents would want me to marry one of my cousins. I just hate the idea of marriage among first cousins, not because I hate my cousins or their families. My reasons are simple - I’ve seen some families, if not many breakdown and become hostile due to some problems in their internal marriages; and scientifically, marriage among same blood relationship is not at all recommended nor is it any appropriate in its truest sense.

In schools and in colleges, I saw my friends getting paired-up as girlfriends and boyfriends. I saw them cry, I saw them quarrel and I saw them share inseparable intimacy. This did not impress me at all nor do their manifestations of perfect romance lure me into such an entanglement. I strongly believed it was an uncertain affair. True indeed, because not many couples got into same flat once they got into jobs while many couples from schools got separated upon changing their schools and colleges. I see only few that have endured the test of time – maintaining the true spirit of love. They have displayed the real essence of love. That’s how it should be – the meaning of true love. I’ve my deepest respects for those successful couples; although there may be some, to whom I may have had an infatuated crush on them (silently).

Therefore, I graduated as single and got inducted into supposedly coveted civil service as the most eligible bachelor. I was then posted in the far east of Bhutan. It was not just a posting to earn my living but it had something in store for me too. Something beautiful that was to change my life and it did change, as my love story began thus. That was the time I started to learn what love actually means, when its whole meaning was naturally unfolded before me. I fell in love finally – truly and madly. 

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  1. Nice read, as always. And destiny dragged you there, in remote for your soul mate. What a love story! And it began only after you started your service. But I was in love when i was in high school. It did last, for seven years and a few years back it ended miserably. Ha-ha! All destiny. Keep posting!