Thursday, April 12, 2012

growing fonder with pencils

Normally at this time of the year, I find myself falling in love with doing pencil sketches. I don't know what Spring season has got to do with my mood it just sets me into doing pencil sketches...and it is really fun. Last year at this time of the year I did quite a few pencil sketches and some paintings too. I did it again this year - couple of sketches and I only see improvements in it although to become or to be called a Master remains a distant dream. Following are some of the sketches from this year's collections:
Goddess Tara 

...and the Spring must not go unnoticed 

My second daughter resting on my chest one early morning

My elder daughter

Buddha Point

Beautiful daughters of my friend

In appreciation of a pencil

A bit of figure drawing practice

A landscape sketch

 Expect some more in the days to interest is only increasing for more sketches!!


  1. They are masterpieces. One day, it will make u proud.

  2. simple awesome.. i love your works... keep posting for we can enjoy eyeing upon....