Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Pacifier

“Beep beep,” my mobile phone blinked. It said “One new message,” and I scrolled through to read that SMS message.
And when I finally opened it, it said;
Hi Keypa, I’ve com to meet u J
m at Clock Tower can you make it here
I’ll wait for u J

Before I could think of anything else, my right thumb had already entered a reply to it:
Hi, alrite Tshering
i’ll be there right away
see u thereJ

I pulled out my leather jacket and I was heading out in a hurry. I checked for my wallet in the jacket. It was there. I remember to have left around hundred fifty bucks in it after yesterday’s grocery shopping.

At the Kalabazar junction, I looked around. There was a taxi returning from the Buddha point. Luckily it didn’t have any passenger in it. “To Clock Tower, please,” I got in. Probably it must be returning after dropping some young lovers like me at the Buddha Point I thought as if these taxis had no other jobs then to drop lovers here and there in the town.

Riding a taxi to the Clock Tower, I was at the top of my happiness level. Yeah! The reasons are beyond words to express. Back in college Tshering and I were good friends. We would laugh together, eat together, dance together and we would…

…no, unfortunately we did not sleep together.

But to be frank, I always loved being with her. And today, just to get a call from the girl I love, it means a lot to me. Actually I wanted to confess my love to her long ago, but every time I tried my tongue suffered numbness that only postponed my plan.

“May be, today is my chance to do that,” I thought and may be this is one reason why I’m so happy to ride a taxi to the Clock Tower.

“Here you go,” the taxi driver dropped me in front of the Dragon Roots hotel. At the Clock Tower there were people moving about leisurely while few sat on the stairs in a relaxed mood. I craned my neck to figure out Tshering amongst the crowd.

“Keypa, I’m here,” she spotted me first. 

She looked beautiful and charming as ever. She looked like one of those magazine models particularly in her black tight-legged jeans with flimsy black blouse over the tight T-shirt.  But her astounding appearance only makes me go numb and speechless.

“Hi, Tshering,” I forced myself.

Sun was bright and the heat was already on, so I pulled out two chocolate ice-creams from a shop close by. We settled in one corner on that stairs facing the Clock Tower. Not knowing where to begin, we landed up talking over our old memories from those college days.

Our conversations went on and on for about half an hour.

In between our conversations, she kept herself busy over the pink phone. I could hear beep sounds from that from time to time. Staring at her phone she smiled frequently, probably there were some funny messages coming in from elsewhere. This was something unusual that she had acquired lately. Few years ago she wasn’t like that.

Meanwhile I was building on my confidence to reveal that sacred word to her. “If I don’t do it today…” I thought.

“Umm…Tshering,” I mumbled politely, “Can I tell you one thing?”
“Come…on! we are good friends,” she looked at me as she spoke, “Share anything you want.”
“Hmmm…umm,” I stammered, “Actually I…”
“Pep pep,” someone honked his car from the street above. It was a red colored A-star. A guy in it waved at Tshering to come over and at once she jumped over to the car got in and went off.
I was left staring at the car until it disappeared from my sight.
I sighed and smiled at myself.
“…I love you Tshering,” I muttered silently in the crowd and thought, “May be next time, I’ll surely do.”

I was about to return home when a beep sound prompted me to pull out my mobile phone from the jacket which then hung over my left shoulder.
It was another SMS from Tshering…
“Thanks Keypa for your company as always.
I never knew this Tobden would take that long..
By the way, did I tell you before…
Tobden and I are getting married very soon…

With no money left to hire a taxi, I walked home with a heavy heart.


  1. I know you loved her. I also know that one day, for sure, she will know about this. Nicely written!

  2. Thank you Riku for reading my post.