Friday, April 20, 2012

Portrait drawing isn't any easy task

Latest sketch
I've been trying out hard, really hard to get exact sketches of human portraits for last many years. Often it has been frustrating to see different results. But over the years, I do see a lot of improvements going on with it. But sad to note that I've still not been able to crack that secret code to perfect sketching techniques of drawing human faces. That's why I get little bit hesitant when I get requests from my friends to draw their faces, because I always get the feeling that what is good to my eyes may not be same to their eyes.

Of all the faces in the world, I still find difficult to draw my own face. But the faces of beautiful women and girls, I believe is never a problem to me...LOL. Well this may not be true! Given below is one of my own face that I tried very recently. When I finally decided it as complete I started finding lots of distortions in it. Eyes - looks like the sketch has been done right after a boxing match.

But I'll never get disheartened with that result when it comes to art of drawing. I'll only believe that I need some more practice. Practice, practice, practice and one day I'll get a perfect sketch of my own face.

Below is a sketch of a women, a renowned singer I guess. I'm not really a fan but I do get to listen to her voice while driving my car. If you are a fan of her's I'm sure you could make out who she is. Whatsoever, for me quality of sketch is important and here it has come out really nice.

My elder daughter below, stylish as always...

I prefer to call it "early rays"...a young child (early age) at the window side as the rays of early morning sun finds its way in...

Sometimes I do get finer portraits...
Friend's daughter

My cousin's youngest son


  1. I was fond of sketching once upon a time, I use grids to get my work done. But I too found my own face very difficult, which made me think I was not good at it so I left it- but now I know it wasn't my fault, even a master like you could find it difficult.
    My best works of sketch were that of Fourth King and Ashi Phuntsho Choden... I presented them as gifts to friends.

  2. Passu sir I'm really touched by your words mainly because of the fact that "how much it means for artist like us to see our works come out quite satisfactorily." And this does not come out so easily while it demands lots of patience and hard work from us. I would only suggest you not to give up with your fine day I'm sure we can achieve that. Cheers and thank you for your wonderful comments as always.

  3. simply amazing... keep the spirit alive sir... i envy your wonderful sketching skills.. i would love to see more of such works..