Monday, September 17, 2012

Character development...a challenge to beginners like me

My friend has a story - "Three friends". She describes it clearly how each of them look like. As I read along, I start to think it's a simple story...I mean a simple story to start-up illustration abruptly. But it's not. While my wife was busy doing her household chores, I sat down with my pencil and paper in our living room. Great! my children were asleep too. This means few hours of peaceful and undisturbed time in the house.

Not knowing where to begin, I randomly let my hand over the paper to give out few curves. I wasn't even getting closer. Saying, "No" I crumpled the paper and slid it under the table. I stood up and  headed towards kitchen.

"Hung-ya omla?" (What happened now?) my wife blurted out, "You were supposed to be drawing?"

"Ja thur jamey lamma," (I've got an urge for a cup of tea.) I picked up my cup and poured in some hot water.

And then, sat down...and stood up again.

After about few rounds of sitting and standing, I could finally come up with the figure shown here. This looks nice, at least to me, but this is not enough. I have to maintain it's sequence. It is a challenge to me. But such challenges have only taught me lessons and by the time I complete this story, I'm sure, I would have already moved another level - higher.

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  1. It's difficult, I know, very difficult to develop character. But this first illustration looks strikingly expressive. Very appealing, the Bhutanese. I'm sure that this illustration (based on a story by your friend) you are working on would certainly help our young readers, and encourage others to come up with lots of such publication in future. All the best, Sir!