Monday, December 31, 2012

Last of 2012 and a beginning of fresh Happy New Year

Some people predicted that 2012 is an end of the world. Rumors spread far and wide instilling unnecessary fear in the hearts of many people. And of all these, I was saddened to find my mother in-law in distressful state too couple of weeks ago. If world should really end, it should end within mid-night today, otherwise 2013 begins from there.

While this rumor went on, I had an undisturbed 2012 and a very successful year with my paintings and drawings (I should say) - from graphite pencils to colour pencils to water colour; of portraits and caricatures; of landscapes and illustrations. Though not very significant financially, I've had all the opportunities to hone my artistic skills that helps me boost my passion. I'm happy to declare that I've improved...and almost there to becoming an artist.

Here are some of my last paintings for the year 2012:
Gyencha Yu da Juru: A Bhutanese (women) costume
normally worn during festive occasions  
Bhutanese Gathering: This is what one will observe at the Bhutanese doors.
It means a Bhutanese family has a get-together.
Weeping willow
Left: Grapes and Right: Dressing up

Giving it an appropriate frame makes it even more beautiful
 ...and with this I would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

If our children should like my art...then this is yet another character for my own story

And...when it is finally done!

Whether it's rewarding or not, if children should like it... I don't mind sparing my time and effort and sacrificing any resources for that matter - for the benefit of our successors.

This might probably become a lead character for my own hunter story...Lingshing Rongme 
...and Lingshing Rongme looks like this in colour

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

She walks up the heels in greens

Water colour on A4 paper...

She walks-up the heels in greens...spotted elsewhere in Thimphu. People not so familiar would think that she is showing off her matching under garments. Even I thought it so. She wears matching slacks  with that of her heels and kira and wonju. This is not just trend. This is the beauty of how people learn to appreciate things. She looked beautiful in greens.

To walk up-hill with edges of kira fully down is just so uncomfortable. That's how I perceived finally.
Keep up the trend!

Monday, December 3, 2012

When things don't go right!

Early October 2012, I was on an official tour to Dagana Dzongkhag. There were senior officials as there were juniors in the group. The group seemed perfect with courteous leader leading us. It could have been my sheer reserved nature that I knew only few members in the group. But somehow through exchange of few words, few people got listed in my "known list" after this trip.

Whatsoever, this is not something I want to talk here.

It is about not so rare - a blunder, that I'm used to. People tend to hide one's own weaknesses and mistakes. I see no reason in doing that mainly because of two reasons - firstly, other people already know your weaknesses or somehow get to know that; and secondly, your weakness in one area doesn't mean that you are bad everywhere. Remember, each person is gifted with one unique talent each that only needs to be explored.

I sing but I'm not a good singer. I do croak at times. Similarly, I dance but not a fine dancer either.

A young gentleman - a dzongkhag official lead the circle with his powerful and pleasing voice. Everyone of us danced along providing vocal supports wherever possible. Then there was young lady from our group, who could sing and dance breathlessly. I appreciate their talents.

The dance around the fire went on. I took a brief break out of the circle for a khamdo of Doma. Ata Chedup, our driver and I stood watching while we shared appreciations of these two talented people. Then there was a pause after the song. At that moment, one senior official murmured, 'Lhuendrup Tsei Dzongchhen' and sought help to lead the song from members among the circle. Someone from the group proposed to know that - a Boedra version of it. Unfortunately it was not the one he wanted.

'Um...' I thought. I worked there for last many years. I mean Lhuentse. During that many years, I've had many chances to sing and dance that song on many occasions. I know that song. I immediately got into the circle and proposed, 'Is it the zhungdra version that you are looking for la?'

'Yes' he said. And I lead the song.

I thought I could sing that. I thought I knew that song very well. That evening was a big flop. My voice did not function well. People started staring at each-others faces as a sign of mild mockery while a senior official of that dzongkhag mimicked my voice to a greater mockery. What a shame, I could hear the judge of Bhutan Star speaking to me, "Choedgi scale atsi chig metubay."

That senior official, the one who proposed that song looked totally pissed off. I let him down I know, but that was suppose to be an informal program wherein we let ourselves at ease with a bit of fun. And things don't go right all the time. I croak sometimes and that was the evening I croaked. Sorry officer you'll not hear me croak again.