Monday, December 31, 2012

Last of 2012 and a beginning of fresh Happy New Year

Some people predicted that 2012 is an end of the world. Rumors spread far and wide instilling unnecessary fear in the hearts of many people. And of all these, I was saddened to find my mother in-law in distressful state too couple of weeks ago. If world should really end, it should end within mid-night today, otherwise 2013 begins from there.

While this rumor went on, I had an undisturbed 2012 and a very successful year with my paintings and drawings (I should say) - from graphite pencils to colour pencils to water colour; of portraits and caricatures; of landscapes and illustrations. Though not very significant financially, I've had all the opportunities to hone my artistic skills that helps me boost my passion. I'm happy to declare that I've improved...and almost there to becoming an artist.

Here are some of my last paintings for the year 2012:
Gyencha Yu da Juru: A Bhutanese (women) costume
normally worn during festive occasions  
Bhutanese Gathering: This is what one will observe at the Bhutanese doors.
It means a Bhutanese family has a get-together.
Weeping willow
Left: Grapes and Right: Dressing up

Giving it an appropriate frame makes it even more beautiful
 ...and with this I would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.

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  1. Super duper cool collections sir. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Happy new year. The paintings are beautiful. Keep painting, keep writing.

  3. I love the fourth picture so much, it;s very naughty but hotty also. he he he