Monday, January 28, 2013

Kathuedki Gyalpo does social service

"Odhi Kathuedki Gyalpo, Kubayki chagpa len dhey zawa ya katey metshugpoi," my mom would scream at me when I was a child. Wow...a king of laziness - Kathuedki Gyalpo! I was a lazy boy then. Uh...uh, not changed yet, I'm a lazy man now...still the king of laziness.

Last Sunday, not very far from today, yeah it was yesterday I was drenched in freezing cold doing some odd jobs outside. It needed my urgent attention.

Wednesday evening, as I reached home, a group of people were hurriedly carrying out some works as the darkness pitched in. I could hear splashes of water and get a foul smell of fermented human excreta from outside. My landlord had deployed some men to drain out septic tank that day. They not only drained out the tank, they also managed to paint the place leaving behind rusty stains of sewage and the strong smell that would break one's nose and stir up the tummies to puke. And that's the place where my kids and neighbours kids would hang around and play. That's exactly the place where kids jump and fall, play marbles or roll over. And that's also a place where tenants dry their clothes.

"Something has to be done," I thought. Thursday and Friday I had to go to the office...something could not be done. Saturday was bit cold and could not get out only. Sunday had not been warm either, but I can not let it slip away this time and I can't let my kids play in such filthy environment.

So, I took out the pipe roll and started spraying water. My neighbours got alarmed. I could hear them open their windows. The place was filled with bits and pieces of red chilies all over. This reminded me of my school days in Mongar when we had to clean school septic tanks - of Bulgar and red chilies. Seeing this, I'm made to believe that someone among my neighbours must be feeding only on red chilies. I'm sure he or she must be having difficult time letting it go at the exit point. And then, I also wonder why human digestive organs aren't capable of crushing this hot spice. As my neighbours watched, I swept the area carefully so as not to let droplets jump over my lips or those red chilies cling to my clothes. Alright, I was nearing completion of this task. Son of my immediate neighbour joined me for the last fight with a bucket of water. I thought he was cleaning an open area with me. No he just released the water in an enclosed drain. "Nochu, why don't you do it from here," I said. He wouldn't listen, instead he released another two more buckets of water in that drain. What a waste! Any way I was winding up the business single-handedly. It's clean now.

Once I got into my home, neighbours started to roll out one by one. This is the state of the urban neighbours any way. Their kids rode bicycle and some with balls. They watched me work, this time I watched them play happily. This king of laziness has done done something good for his kids and neighbours. Everyone got a clean surrounding once again.
Thank you la 


  1. While back in college, you were SSU u r trained for social service works mangi????

  2. Yes wai, that has really helped me complete the task with dignity hehe.