Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My 2013 begins with the quick sketch of Dochula

My children have been pestering me time and again to take them out. "Apa pang ga dhelay" (She meant to say take her to the park) younger would say. Elder would say, "Apa phom changmey lama" (wanted to play with snow).

They were right. Their Apa has been ignorant about their welfare for last couple of months (their Ama too). Children and our old car have captured least of my attention. Was their Ama distracting my whole attention then? They have been under house arrest for so long and I could feel their impatience grow gradually.

"Alright girls we are going to Dochula to play with the snow" I declared on January 2, 2013. It was Nyinlog (Bhutanese Winter Solstice). Their Ama packed the lunch, tea and snacks and we headed up expecting patches of snow in the woods and road sides like before. Weather was sunny and fine. There was no snow. Unfortunate that my kids did not have any snow to play with. But we had a good lunch there.

After the lunch, I took out my sketch book and pencils. Pulled out a paper and handed it to my daughter and said, "Since we don't have snow to play with, we'll play with this paper and pencil. Draw anything you see around."
And she drew all these

She chose a dog sitting nearby (I'll upload her drawing later). I began to draw a view of the gate and Druk Wangyel chhoetens (Image below). I painted it once we got back home.

Dochula: Water colour on A4 drawing paper
This was a good beginning for me this year. This has given me an idea to go more outdoors to draw and paint.

After we got back home my girls and their Ama were happy that they got an outing. I was happy that I got a nice sketch and an idea of going outdoor drawing and painting.

And finally, our old car also got its well deserved maintenance and servicing few days later. It has to pass the fitness test this month, by the way.

Have a great day!


  1. Indeed a great outing for the family. How I wish I can inspire my kid with an art. Unfortunately, I know nothing of the sort. BTW, thanks for the portrait of my kid. It is hung on the wall behind a frame.

  2. This is how a true artist never stops honing his artistic skills. Home. Outside. Alone, or with family. He has always this in mind and he does all time. This sketch is very nice one, Sir. And thanks to your kids that insisted on you to go out so that you could sketch this beautiful image.