Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The story of Mirgola (A story for our children)

Once there lived a fisherman and his wife.
They had two children.
My creation of Mirgola is something like this

Every morning fisherman would go down to the nearby stream and fetch home four fishes.
One for his wife, one for himself and one each for his two children.

Any extra effort to catch more fishes was a waste of time and effort, for the God would bless him with only four fishes at the end of the day.

One day while fishing, he thought, “If only we had no children, my wife and I would have two fishes each.”

So fisherman decided to take his two children in the deep forest.

In the middle of the thick forest, he prepared a fire.
Two children sat besides the fire and soon fell asleep by its warmth.

The fisherman returned home happily.
“Hereafter, my wife and I would have two fishes each,” he thought greedily.

Next day, he went for fishing again only to catch two fishes –
One for him and one for his wife.

Ever since he abandoned his children, he caught only two fishes in a day.

Now he thought, “My life is not getting any better even without children.”
With regrets, he decided to bring back his children.

In the middle of the forest, he saw his two children piling stacks of twigs. They have grown hairs all over their body. Their faces had become pale and ghostly and looked hairy.

“Che chey…my Che chey!” he called out his children.
They stared at him but did not show any signs of acquaintances or attachments.
Instead they walked backwards and gradually disappeared in the forest and then became Mirgolas.

Sadly fisherman returned home and spent rest of his life catching only two fishes daily.

It is believed that the day fisherman abandoned his children; the local deity of that forest adopted them and has turned to Mirgola. Today we also believe Mirgola as local deity.

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  1. Wonderful story. The language, length and theme goes very well with our target!