Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ja ming Katang chospa la mai!

Stories just keep happening and this is yet another story that happened recently.

As always my kids have been best models of my drawings. Couple of weeks ago, I started to take hold of ballpoint pen giving myself a short break from the pencil. One day I happened to draw my child's face with ballpoint pen. It some how came out nice, so I posted it on my facebook page. It did attract few likes from my facebook friends and then I left on an official tour leaving behind the drawing in our living room.

After about two weeks, when I returned home, "Ja ming katang chospa la mai," (my eye is made large) she told me. I ignored it at first. After awhile, she reminded me again and started pulling my ear this time. I looked at the picture and said, "Oh ho giwala dempara, sorry na!" and turned away again. I thought she would be convinced by now, but later in the evening she said again, "Ja ming katang chospa la mai" and she seemed bit upset too.

"Alright!" I stood up, crumpled the page and straight away dumped it in the bin and said, "Okay I removed it now. I'll make you another one." She smiled and went away from me.

Few days ago, I made another one for her. This time I rendered extra care so as not to give her big eye. I think I managed this time. I held it in my hand and said, "Is this you?" (I was worried that she might have something to point out again) But this time she smiled at it nodded 'Yes' and sat on my lap.

Even a child of her age can point out flaws in her father's drawings.


  1. kinzang sir..please draw my portrait..:)

  2. With big eyes the first one is also cute sir. The sketches are very fascinating and you really are talented artist. :-)

  3. I'll need your photo ref to try it out Sogyel

  4. U have come a long way la. Great improvement. The first one can be immortalized by giving life as the character in children's books. It reminds me of some of the animated movies.
    Ugyen Gyeltshen

  5. I didn't notice about the eye last time, but after this story I think nang gee roka ming katang chospala Kids have very special eyes mo.