Thursday, November 14, 2013

I kissed and then kicked - my confession

When I was in Junior High, I had friends who were quite familiar with this plant and its hallucinating effect. At that time, I only knew one function of it - use of its barks as fibers. In fact I grew up with it. We call it Ngenam. It grew in plenty in the forests of my village. It grows as high as double my current height. Every autumn I would accompany my grandmother in the forest filled with this plant. Its pleasant aroma still pleases my nasal chambers. My grandma would carefully peel off these barks and take home in bundles. She would then process it into fine threads using a wooden spindle. She would then weave Bundri (a flap of cloth with a string on one corner used for carrying cloths and other belongings) out of it. I used to carry Bundri to my school until I could afford to buy one green coloured (Made In India) bedding. I was fortunate then, not to have known about its other uses. Or else, I would have adopted these forests for my life.

"You wanna try "pot"?
Back in school, my knowledgeable friends introduced me to this so called "pot".
"Its a marijuana mixed in cigarette."
Yeah! I was already a good smoker by then.
"Take a deep inhalation and then exhale gradually," they suggested.
I did few rounds and I could already sense irritations in my stomach and believed its kick starts from my tummy.
After about few minutes, one of my friends started to puke while the other started non-stop laughs.
A water for the puke and a company for the laughs...other than that, I had nothing to do. And, I did not get its kick. That was unusual.
I tried it again during my winter vacation. Again it failed to give me any effects.
From there I decided not to go any further...I kissed it but it failed to give me kick, so it was my turn to kick it away and I kicked.
Let's say no to drugs and any other forms of substance abuse. Once it kicks us, to get up from that kick isn't any easy task.


  1. We have choices, you had and I had and everybody would have, you made the right choice and even I did like you. I just hope young people choose life over drugs... because it's always a matter of choice.

  2. Even I was introduced into all kinds of drugs by my friends. Some insisted on me hard, others coaxed and a few lured me into it. But it's my body that couldn't really tolerate gobbling jungles. In one way, I am so lucky, feel proud now. Nice post, Sir.

  3. But I read that if one smokes it only sometimes, it stimulates the mind.