Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A come back

Its been for so long that I did not post anything here, nor was I able to read any other blog posts that I had pledged myself to follow. Sorry people. I was losing confidence in what I write (I'm sure this is the case with most of us). Then there were some blogger friends like Penstar and Passu, Rikku and Chador along with few others (with whom I came to know through this blog) who occasionally extended me an invitation for blogger's meeting. Frankly, I wasn't feeling confident to face prolific bloggers like them (it's not Shamu Kam friends). I was really feeling worthless then.

But today, I make an attempt for a come back here. It may not be anything interesting or any worth a read but seriously, its my attempt to breakthrough these constraints of mine. Therefore, "A come back" is not just about my come back to this blog, it's a short story, the idea of which clicked my mind long time ago. So, here it goes - A COME BACK...

"Gr grr...grr! creak creak!" a silver coloured i20 car stopped on the sides of a newly constructed rough farm road above her house. It was late fall season, Aum Penden was busy hanging freshly harvested maize corncobs at the attic.
"A car, car!" shouted Pema her younger son from the small lawn in front of their house.
"Apa, Ama... someone's coming to our house," said Thukten the middle son.

Now that roads have connected the village, all sorts of people come and go. It did not distract Aum Penden from her normal household chores.

Ap Penjor, her husband who was facing the roadside could see through the gap between roofs. "Um um...looks like Choki. Isn't that lady your sister," he murmured as he stared through, still holding a bundle of maize corncobs in his hands.

Hearing this, Aum Penden couldn't help but slowly raise her head to peep through along with her husband.

A fair young lady holding a baby in her arms stepped out from the car while a short statured man who seemed in his early thirties looked down to the house. They also talked while the lady nodded in between as if to indicate the confirmation of their destination. With her silky hair bundled at the back it did not take long for Aum Penden to confirm her sister. Her facial appearance and the way she walked with a child in her arm only reminded Aum Penden of their mother holding infant Choki twenty seven years ago. Unfortunately their mother did not live long. She passed away leaving behind infant Choki in the custody of Aum Penden and her husband. Since then they brought her up. Supported her education until class ten.

But this day, the sight of her sister was to make Aum Penden numb again like it happened to her ten years ago.

Yeah, ten years ago Aum Penden scolded her younger sister when she did not qualify for higher studies during the declaration of class ten results that winter. Deeply hurt by her scolding, Choki left the family without a word along with few village mates to Thimphu. Since then, Aum Penden and her husband did not hear anything from Choki. Its been about three months since Choki went away and they only knew that she is still in Thimphu.

That Spring season while Aum Penden was in her kitchen garden, village Tshogpa approached her and handed over a small white envelope. It was a letter from her sister and it read...

Dear Ana,

I know you must be still angry with me for I could not fulfill your wishes and dreams. However, I did not expect you to scold me like that. You must know that I'm no more small kid and I know what I need in my life. Thank you for everything you did to me so far, but don't worry I'll repay you when I get a job.


That particular phrase 'Repay you' was something least expected from her younger sister. At best all she could expect from her was to see her lead a happy and descent life. But this phrase "Repay you" reverberated in her mind and made her senses go numb bringing tears to her eyes.

"How will I face her if she has really come to repay us?" Aum Penden straight away got into the store room and hid herself.

Ap Penjor did not say anything but quickly got into the kitchen to prepare a tea for his visitors. No sooner he could place a pot on the stove, Choki and her family approached at the door.

"Hello Khotken, how have you been?" Choki greeted and continued, "Meet Tshering my husband."

"Kuzu Zangpola," greeted Ap Penjor little blushed. Not knowing what to say next, he took hold of the child from her arms.

"Where is Ana?" Choki inquired.

"Nyertshang nangka cha gidu," Ap Penjor replied.

"What's she doing there?" she opened the door only to find her Ana crying at one corner.

"Don't cry like this Ana," Choki hugged her sister and said, "I'm sorry I've hurt you so much Ana. Now I realize that I was still a child when I behaved rude that year."

Aum Penden looked up and smiled to Choki with her eyes still wet with tears and said, "I'm happy that you have come back."

They hugged each other tightly and shared a moment of reunion when Ap Penjor finally announced, "Ja yingma, tha zhukpey giwala." :) :D :D


  1. Beautiful story. Kinzang sir, I could see you are a good blogger if I could draw from this story you narrated. I have noticed that there is a downward trend in your blog archive. Blogging has a lot of joy if my teeny-weeny experience could mean anything. Mountain inspirations from other bloggers make us write more and scale up our writing in its little way. English language has such versatility that it can twist and turn as per need of the writer. Hope, you pick up momentum from your come back. Thanks.

  2. Great come back with a great story. Loved it so much. We all understand how difficult it is to consistently update our blogs; so no worries. Keep going while you can. Welcome back!

  3. Nice way to Come Back...like it:) Longing to hear from you....