Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10,000 Hour-rule inspiration

One day, my brother brought me a book "Outliers - The story of success" by Malcolm Gladwell. I do not really take interest in reading books but I do flip through few pages just to get the feel of what its all about. During one of those flipping through that book, the author has convincingly brought about case studies suggesting that 'to master any skills, one need to undergo minimum of 10,000 hours of constant practice.' Since then I've been rigorously pursuing my artistic dreams. Mastery of it is way far to be achieved but I only see improvement with every art I complete. I suggest you should try it out as well.

Well, this is not the first time my brother has inspired me. The first time he inspired me was when I received Runners-up prize (a transistor radio and cash of Nu.320/-) for poster competition organized by the RSPN in 1987 wherein as a token of appreciation and encouragement he bought me a set of water colour and paint brushes. He is responsible for keeping me engaged with this wonderful hobby. Thank you Bro.

Some of my recent works include...
Water color art of Chumphu Lhakhang, Paro
My own caricature
An illustration for my own short story - The story of Mirgola
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