Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Relationship is a Fragile Thing

Remember, I promised to come back, but sorry I almost forgot that I promised. Here's another story for your reading pleasure...

The Centenary Park at Changlimethang was already swarming with children playing and running while their parents stood appreciatively gazing at them. Penjo, a mid level civil servant walked in with his five year old daughter to catch hold of some fresh air. Among the crowd he faintly caught a glimpse of his childhood friend Karma cheering up a little boy who pushed himself over the slide boldly. A pretty lady on his left cheered along while she murmured words of appreciation on their son's achievement. From the way his friend and wife shared the moment that day, Penjo wished he had such a life too. Well, this is not the first happy family he's been seeing. Wherever he went - be it Norzin Lam or Centenary Farmers' Market and in the parks or at Botanical Garden he saw many happy families - at least to his eyes they seemed perfect.

But on the other hand he thought that until three years ago, others' would have seen his family the same way. A family filled with love and care. At times he painfully missed those moments.

But things can go wrong anytime and relationship is one such fragile thing that comes with a mark "FRAGILE - Handle with Care". And this is one thing Penjo failed to handle with care. 

At first meeting, Penjo's wife seemed a perfect match for him. She was simple, shy and hardworking woman. As their union matured from hours to days; days to months; and months to years they both started finding flaws in each other. His wife would frequently yell at him, frown at him even over a trivial matters. She would scold and shout at him right from the morning at their home and in the public places. And of course,  Penjo isn't any flawless guy. He drank liquor beyond limits. He frequently went out with his colleagues to gamble. He spent more of his time with his friends than with his wife. All these gave his wife enough reasons to behave the way she did until one day Penjo realized his fault and decided to change his behaviour. This brought about few years of peace and calm in their relationship. It was during that time his wife also gave birth to a healthy baby girl. With the improvement in his own behaviour along with the birth of their first child, Penjo only hoped their relationship to get better and better. But there are certain things in life which are beyond our control. Often things do not work out the way we want them to be. So is with the drama of his wife - she doesn't change. He would often go to the office totally pissed off. Sometimes, he was seen off with her scolding on his long distance journeys. Their problem was only increasing.

A problem without any solution becomes a perennial problem. It is such perennial problem which inflicts mental distress that ultimately opens up door to many other unforeseen consequences. Penjo was gradually losing his patience. At one point of time he even thought of giving up his life. But every time he thought of giving up his life the thought of his new born child held him back. One day he even posted SMS to her saying, "I would rather prefer a gulp of potion from you than those regular doses of your disgruntlement." Despite so much of his effort their relationship never improved. And he could only think of one solution to this problem - a separation. So they separated. Penjo continued as single parent while his wife returned to her parents in the village.

"Apa, when is Ama coming back?" his five year old daughter pleaded.
"Oh! yes, your Ama is away with an important work, she should be coming in another few months time." So he had to lie to his innocent child. So this is it, when things don't go right best thing we can do is pretend that everything is fine.

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  1. It's simply wonderful. I buy your thought process...keep sharing la and have good day...