Monday, April 27, 2015

Enjoying the kiss of art

I have not been able to update much here on this blog since the close of year 2013. While stories keep on happening I have not been able to live upto my words. That's because I have found out another darling that interests me more than writing - my passion for art. The day I got paired up with it was also the day I stopped reading and when you stop reading, writing doesn't happen too (at least in my case). And, these art and reading-writing are two separate things that doesn't seem to get along well simultaneously. But i got to please both and I hope to return some day. But for now, art of painting is so sweet even to spare a second. Hoping to improve upon my skills through supports from my friends and well wishers I created a facebook page as KinsArt and that's still struggling with about 468 likes and that for me is already enough supports. And with this, I would like to divert you to my facebook page if it may please you...and i wanna continue enjoying the kiss of art till I quench my thirst fully. ;)


  1. KinsArt is just amazing la...I have invited few of my Blogger Friends to like your page I hope they will love viewing it....I appreciate you, what you’re doing with your life and what you share here.Thank you for adding a smile, a laugh, inspiration and motivation to my day. Keep Going la :) :)

  2. So kind of you Rupa and yeah thanks so much for your support and appreciation.