Monday, September 21, 2015

Festive Diarrhea

It was around this time of the year, last year. Thimphu Lhamoi Drubchhen followed by Thimphu Tshechu was going on. Festive moods spreading from Kabesa to Babesa, people were seen happy with family and friends, everyone sparkling with their most prized attires combed the streets of Thimphu after watching Tshechu at Tendrel Thang. For the residents of Thimphu it's a long holiday whether you deserve it or not. Like any other Thimphu resident, I value such holidays because I get to sleep more and relieve a bit from tensions of reaching and picking up my children from the school and those from my job and bosses :D . Last year, I didn't want to get out of my house during the Tshechu but I had to fulfill the wishes of my daughter's teacher who had specifically instructed my daughter to see Atsaras during the Tshechu. Alright, it was an opportunity to expose my brand new Sersho Gho my mother in-law had woven me some years ago. So we went to Tshechu all dressed well. Tendrel Thang was already packed when we reached there. Slowly we moved north and managed to settle on a grassy lawn. From there, we watched Cham and dances, Atsaras and tourists and, monks and ladies. Munching Domas one after another I let my daughter watch abnormal acts of Atsaras. My daughter soon realized what Atsara was as she laughed and screamed at them often. With Doma from the top and wet grounds from below, my stomach was gradually grumbling. Seeing my daughter's happiness I wanted to stay bit longer but my stomach was only getting louder and severe. So I asked my daughter, did you see Atsara? "Yes" she said. Shall we go back home now? She smiled and didn't want to say anything. I think we should go back home now because the sun is too strong here, I negotiated with my family members. Oh! its pushing hard, I have to hurry and with me they have to hurry too. With such terrible thing happening in your stomach its hard to walk fast and to drive a car. You don't really care who passes by. Sorry kids I can't compliment on your brand new toys; sorry ladies I don't have time to stare at the beautiful patterns on your figure or feel the elegance of your footsteps; sorry old people I have no time to pay respect for your age; and, sorry police I cannot wait to follow your rules...I need to hurry. Oh! ho ho! its seriously coming. As soon as we reached our home, I rushed to the restroom and locked myself in. Finally, that terrible thing went out through the toilet pot giving me so much relief. It was like having stepped on to a heaven now. Much relieved I opened the restroom door. My wife was folding her Tego. She asked "Hawaya nan sho?" Enn... that was a Festive Diarrhea! I walked in to our living room to re-hydrate myself with few gulps of water.


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  1. Gosh! You safely made it to the restroom on time!! What an interesting story you have just shared about your cultural celebrations and holiday. I would normally try to visit faraway places when I have holidays.